Men's Ministry

What is the role of the Men's department in the church

The Men’s ministry in the church is expressly created to meet the social, spiritual, and practical needs of men within the church community. Men’s ministry aims to assist men in strengthening their faith, forming deep bonds with other men, and assuming leadership roles in their families, businesses, and communities.

Many activities, such as yearly men’s day, prayer groups, retreats, mentorship schemes, and charity work, are a part of men’s ministry. These events are created to give men the chance to interact with one another, gain wisdom from one another, and encourage one another on their spiritual journeys.

In addition to addressing the spiritual needs of men, men’s ministry also addresses practical concerns such as finances, health, and relationships. This includes workshops or seminars on topics such as financial planning, physical fitness, and marriage and family relationships.

FAQS About The Men's Ministry

What does the Bible say about men's ministry?

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another – Provide 27 vs 17 

How do i join the men's ministry

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