Children's Ministry

What's Children's Ministry In Church

Children’s ministry in a church is designed to serve children’s spiritual and social needs within the church community. The primary goal of children’s ministry is to provide children with a secure, caring atmosphere where they can learn about God’s love, the teachings of Jesus Christ, and how to apply those concepts to their everyday lives.

Children’s worship services, special events like presentations in church, Children’s day programs, and outings are all examples of children’s ministry activities. The majority of the time, trained staff who are committed to engagingly and age-appropriately sharing the gospel with kids are in charge of leading these events.

At The Pool of Bethesda Healing And Deliverance Ministry, we aim to build in children a strong foundation in biblical truth, a sense of community and belonging within the greater church family, and a profound love for God. As a result of the teachings in the children’s ministry, kids are able to grow into strong, devoted disciples of Jesus Christ, and they will be ready to positively impact their families, communities, and the rest of the world.

FAQS About The Children's Ministry

Why children's ministry is important

Putting your kids in the Children’s ministry is crucial and matters a lot because it offers a secure and caring atmosphere for kids to develop their spirituality, form relationships with others, engage with families, and encourage discipleship.

Are my children safe in the children's ministry?

At the pool of Bethesda healing and deliverance ministry, All children are safe in the children’s ministry because, there are well trained staff who understand children and how well to handle them. 

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