Youth's Ministry

What is the role of the youth department in the church

The spiritual development and progress of young members of the congregation are greatly influenced by the youth ministry of the church. The ministry is in charge of planning and directing a variety of activities, events, and programs that are intended to strengthen young people’s faith and assist them in leading Christ-centered lives.

One of the main objectives of the youth department is to develop a warm and inclusive atmosphere where young people may come together to learn, develop, and share their experiences. This is done by holding frequent gatherings, retreats, and other activities that give young people a chance to build relationships with God and one another.

At the Pool Of Bethesda Healing and  Deliverance Ministry, The youth department is also responsible for providing young people with resources and guidance that can help them navigate the challenges and pressures of adolescence. This may include educational materials, counseling services, and mentorship programs that help young people to develop healthy relationships, make responsible decisions, and cultivate a strong sense of personal identity and purpose.

FAQS About The Youth's Ministry

Some of the Activites we carry out at the Pool of Bethesda healing and deliverance ministry

Youth Events, Youth Retreat, Seminars, Youth Charity Events etc.

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